Walkmen – “Blue As Your Blood”

You & Me had an insular late-night feel. The forthcoming Lisbon, inspired by trips to the Portuguese city, is an album about being outside and experiencing different landscapes. Which is one reason why the elegiac New Orleans horns of “Stranded” were an interesting red herring introduction to the collection. From its title you might assume “Blue As Your Blood” is cast in that same mold (or digging into a class war), but despite a heartbroken Hamilton Leithhauser giving away his love via “a sad song for you and me,” it’s triumphant. It could be the details that gallop along with the quick-pulse of the guitars, strings, and cymbal crashes: He sings his lament by juniper trees, beneath an ever-present sky as blue as his Spanish (or at least Spanish-speaking) love’s blood. There’s something muscular and uplifting about self-possessed romance, Hemingway. Take a listen.

The Walkmen – “Blue As Your Blood”

Lisbon is out in 9/14 via Fat Possum.

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