Arcade Fire Match Fans’ Haiti Donations

“Please, take our money.” That’s the key quote in a brief press release blanketing the internet, from Win Butler to the crowd at Arcade Fire’s first show in Quebec City. The issue is Haiti, motherland to the band’s Regine Chassagne and an area still struggling to rebuild its society in the wake of that catastrophic quake. Too often as a society we’re focused on a environmental tragedy until the next one comes along, and that’s our fault: blame our gerbil-like attention spans, or our inability to keep our gulfs from becoming oil slicks. Let’s say both. Whatever you think of how The Suburbs is shaping up, it’s nice that a band with the globally conscious goodwill to burn is willing to wave the flag and remind us to hop off the pet cage exercise wheel for a sec.

So, here’s the upshot: Arcade Fire will match your contributions to the KANPE fund up to one million dollars. KANPE’s aim is to “accelerate and multiply the various sustainable development efforts in Haiti, business, health, micro-credit”; Regine is its “grand ambassador.” The band announced this on Monday, which was the six-month anniversary of the disaster.

Text STAND to 30333 to get involved to the tune of $5.

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