Meatheads Chant “Steak” At Of Montreal Show

Kevin Barnes writes about the beef-brained hecklers at Of Montreal’s recent show in The Big Easy — and parts with a little fellatio-condoning wisdom:

our show was a lot of fun. the highlights for me were the debut of the three headed tiger bull and the first live performance of “the past is a grotesque animal”. the low point was when a group of misguided creeps chanted “steak,steak, steak” after we played “wraith pinned to the mist”. it just proves,no matter how much you want to add something positive to the world, there will always be people who try to bring you down. not to say our selling of a song to a corporate steak house was something positive, but sometimes you have to suck a little dick to get by. that’s just a hard fact of life. but really, of all the evil organizations out there, it’s hard to imagine the thought process behind heckling of Montreal. oh well.

Words to live by, kids. And screw ‘em Kevin, we still love you and your dick sucking advice. Kevin goes on to describe his evening running around Bourbon Street with a slowly-growing entourage of OM-fan “indie kids,” crashing hotel parties, and fielding questions about the Christian implications of Hissing Fauna’s “Gronlandic Edit.” Sadly, the night ended before Kevin could climb upon a rooftop to declare himself a golden god. But at least there’s something left to do next time you stalk him.

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