The 27 Club Set To Meet Off-Broadway

Beginning in March, Jimi, Kurt, Janis, and Jim Morrison will come to NYC in the new play 27 Heaven, which brings you (yes, you!) to the gates of heaven, where Kurt first meets the other beautiful corpses. Via the play’s press release:

27 Heaven opens with a recently deceased and rather confused Cobain meeting Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison at the Great Gig in the Sky. Cobain must decide whether or not he wants to walk through the same, exclusive gates of heaven as the three rock icons – whom have all been up there at least 25 years. Initially he seems keen to join the exclusive club as they share their experience, warmth and wisdom with him. But a lot has changed since these rockers challenged the terrestrial system. As the conversation wear on, Cobain realizes the three rock icons are more whacked than ever – Joplin still drinks excessively, Morrison has become an Orthodox Jew and Hendrix is no longer the psychedelic prophet of guitar mageddon, but rather a staunch advocate for a drug-free paradise.

The website adds that Jimi “preaches the virtues of being a neo Nazi” (obvs). But we already know how 3/4 of this ends:

Jim Morrison was reincarnated as this little girl; Jimi Hendrix became a businessman; Janis Joplin came back as a sumo wrestler.


Jury’s out on Kurt reincarnate.