New Fever Ray (The Knife’s Karin Dreijer) Video – “If I Had a Heart”

Regular Knife visual collaborator Andreas Nilsson offers an eerie video for “If I Had A Heart,” the dark, pulsing, ambient first single from Karin Dreijer’s new project, Fever Ray. It’s pretty great — a couple of kids carry a torch and take a boat down the River Styx toward a spooky mansion housing a victim of foul play in a red dress and Dreijer in her skeletal face paint — but nothing will ever top the quietly anthemic “Pass This On” clip. Then again, this track is more Svarte Greiner than “Heartbeats,” so the bleakness is more than apropos.


“If I Had A Heart” is out as a single via Beatport and Klicktrack. The debut album’s out 3/24 via Mute.