Pearl Jam – “Amongst The Waves” Video

Eddie Vedder just keeps on loving the ocean, even after it tried to swallow him whole. And right about now’s a good time for marine life to get a little love. Dirty Projectors and Björk have donated their Mount Wittenberg Orca, and over at, Pearl Jam’s laid out the many reasons and ways to love the ocean, and selling their video of “Amongst The Waves” on iTunes with proceeds benefitting Conservation International’s Marine Programs aka humans saving the oceans from humans. There are a great many links to a great many marine life resources at the Pearl Jam site, but, ironically, no link to iTunes. So, here is your link to iTunes. And also, here is a look at the video they’re selling, embeddable at PJ’s request, a live take on the song with concert footage set next to lovely shots of surfing, and the increasingly species of clear waters. Directed by Ryan Thomas and Brendan Canty.

Also don’t worry, Pearl Jam isn’t breaking up right now.