Meeting Deerhoof Is Easy

Meeting Deerhoof Is Easy

Radiohead are nice guys after all. Especially if you’re in a band on the verge of putting out an awesome record. Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier recently told a tale of mutual admiration that will warm the hearts of ‘hoof and ‘head fans alike (via Gigwise):

Everybody knows what an uncommon live group [Radiohead] are, and even with years of buildup and knowing there was no way they could live up to the legend, they were so much better than even my highest expectation that my whole outlook on the world had to be immediately revised.

But what people might not know is that they are so great in person. All five of them, and everyone in their enormous crew, were all so sweet to us. They really supported our music.

I do not expect this sort of treatment from any band, let alone a band on the level of Radiohead. They are disproving every truism about how famous people are supposed to act, and that taught us a beautiful lesson.

Whatever lesson that was, Satomi, John, and Greg learned it well. Since our first listen, Friend Opportunity has been high on our list for ’07. But don’t take our word; listen to it at Spinner. Just one more reason why we want a list of the contents of Thom and Jonny’s iPods.

UPDATE: Coincidences are the bestest. Just today iTunes posted Thom’s celebrity playlist! Head here for the full list, wherein Thom reveals his picks for ’06: “[Drum’s Not Dead] and Spank Rock’s YoYoYoYoYoYo are my fav records last year.” See, we’re not so different after all, Thom you gifted alien. (Thanks, Seth!)

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