Are You Liquid Experienced?

At the NAMM music products trade show, Authentic Hendrix and Beverage Concepts announced the launch of the one and only beverage to bear the likeness and name of the acid-tripped axeman. Makes you thirsty, don’t it. Via MarketWatch:

The rock ‘n beverage line, named The Liquid Experience, will launch in late April at the Experience Music Project’s Jimi Hendrix exhibit during a celebrity-filled event at their interactive music museum in Seattle.

“Beverage Concepts is committed to providing in our beverage line the same level of excitement, undefined coolness, rock ‘n roll feel and unprecedented taste that is synonymous with the Jimi Hendrix image,” explained Beverage Concepts CEO Josh Glass. “We are especially pleased to announce this partnership with Authentic Hendrix here at NAMM, where we are surrounded by Jimi Hendrix fans and by music lovers from around the globe.”

The company will promote the drink along side the Red House Tour, a traveling Jimi museum. And best yet, The Liquid Experience will come in a new-to-the-US, “visually unique screw-top aluminum bottle.” All part of capturing that “undefined coolness, rock ‘n roll feel.” Can’t wait for the commercial!


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