The Academy Would Like To Recognize Randy Newman … Again

This morning, The Academy announced its nominations for the 79th Annual Oscars and, much to the surprise of nobody, Randy Newman got a nomination! Not to slag on Randy, he’s obvs got this film scoring thing down, but our initial thought was, doesn’t dude win every year? Not so! He may get nominated every year, but he’s suffered a fair share of empty-handed Oscar nights. Here’s a list of every Oscar nomination Randy’s received. (Yeah, we could’ve just said he WON in 2001, but it’s more dramatic this way.)

1981 – Ragtime Best Original Score [LOST]
1981 – Ragtime Best Original Song – “One More Hour” [LOST]
1984 – The Natural Best Original Score [LOST]
1989 – Parenthood Best Original Song – “I Love To See You Smile” [LOST]
1990 – Avalon Best Original Score [LOST]
1994 – The Paper Best Original Song – “Make Up Your Mind” [LOST]
1995 – Toy Story Best Original Score [LOST]
1995 – Toy Story Best Original Song – “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” [LOST]
1996 – James And The Giant Peach Best Original Score [LOST]
1998 – Pleasantville Best Original Score [LOST]
1998 – A Bug’s Life Best Original Score [LOST]
1998 – Babe: Pig In The City Best Original Score [LOST]
1999 – Toy Story 2 Best Original Song – “When She Loved Me” [LOST]
2000 – Meet The Parents Best Original Song – “A Fool In Love” [LOST]
2001 – Monsters, Inc. Best Original Score [LOST]
2001 – Monsters, Inc. Best Original Song – “If I Didn’t Have You” [WON]
2007 – Cars Best Original Song – “Our Town” [???]

So sports fans, that’s a stunning 1 for 17, yielding a .058 batting average. Maybe we want him to win after all — even though we lost him at “I Love L.A.” Rounding out the category are a Melissa Etheridge cut for An Inconvenient Truth and three from Dreamgirls, the latter of which got the snub for Best Picture. But hey, a nod for 10-year-old Little Miss Sunshine? No complaints. And for some Newman history and MP3s, head to jefitoblog’s Complete Idiot’s Guide To Randy Newman. That’ll keep ya busy.