Final MacWorld Hits Us With Very Sexy News About … Variable iTunes Pricing

Apple always knows how to grab headlines for its sense of theater and savvy in rolling out new products, and the company’s last ever MacWorld presentation was no exception. Except in the sense that it was totally an exception, because the big news coming from San Fran is a variable track-pricing model in the iTunes store? (Now in three flavors: $0.69, $0.99, and $1.29.) That, and all its 10 million songs will be available in DRM-free format by March, which is great news if it was 1999 and also if you still pay for music (and if you do, we salute you because check out these deals). No fun gadgets, nothing that will significantly impact your music lifestyle unless it’s your dream for Garageband 09 to offer music lessons from Sting, John Fogerty, and Norah Jones for $4.99. That dream has finally come true, so nice work. There is a new 17″ MacBook Pro with environmentally friendly batteries, but I won’t mention it because this is a music blog. HOWEVER, there was one great thing to come out of this last MacWorld:

So getting one.

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