Courtney Love On Nirvana – The Biography

As Page 6 reported, Nirvana biographer Everett True paints a vivid picture of the delivery room during Frances Bean’s birth (Kurt in the hospital for heroin withdrawal, Courtney screaming, etc.) in his forthcoming book — and it’s left Lady Love pissed and defensive. And that makes for great blogging! She wrote:

evertet is so full of shit, i cant stand him and hes a fucking liar too. everyone knows that birth story bythe way its true co si told it its a bunch orfrecycled crap and he spouting cos i wouldnt let him interview me so he gets allpissy and accuses us of almost getting a divorce wich is bunk. blech. he even imagines he invente dthe word ?grunge? wich a guyf roms ounds did, not him. i used tolie him alot so did Kurt but hes an exploitative dickhead. if you want anmothe rnonsense nirvana book by allmeans readthis bullshit, ifyou wanthe comprehemsive facts about kurt read heavier than heaven and there snothing n me id say was close to real or totally true poppy tried but she didnt reallydoa bio she tried but it was =more abotu wher eiwas in ndew orleans the week i spoke to her, althoh the childhood stuff is true its not ?the? book yet. illprbably have tp write it.

Sooo … what she said. Spell check and syntax jokes aside, if anyone can get the gist of what she’s saying there, please let us know! We need to give meaning to the time we spent trying to unscramble that paragraph.