Arcade Fire’s 8 Suburbs Covers

You’ve seen the 16 track titles, heard 2 studio cuts, and admired Win Butler’s singularly awesome alt-mullet. Now behold (above) all 8 album covers that will grace LP3. (H/T CoS.) Don’t view it as a sales gimmick: buyers will inevitably be listening to LP3 digitally, and no one collects .jpgs. It is an artistic statement! About suburbia! (?)

The Suburbs is out 8/2 in the UK and 8/2 in the US via Merge/Canada via AF’s Sonovox label. As we reported yesterday, the band is raising money for Haiti’s disaster relief by matching fan donations to the KANPE fund up to one million dollars. Text STAND to 30333 to pitch in 5 bucks. Then do it again and again.

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