Babyshambles Signs Longterm Deal With (Clearly High) Parlophone Records

Record deals are a time to celebrate, and we’re happy for Pete Doherty and his Babyshambles’ latest coup. Hell, we even understand Parlophone’s impetus to obtain the rights to the band’s next recording, ’cause we’re dreamers and believe there will be a next recording, and that it might actually be good. But a long term deal? With this guy?

Guardian reports:

“We’re extremely pleased to be welcoming such a vibrant and talented band into the Parlophone label”, said Miles Leonard, Parlophone’s managing director. “Babyshambles, justifiably, have a great reputation for crafting some of the most exciting music around today, and in Peter Doherty they have one of the best songwriters of his generation.” He’s a great songwriter, you see, so they use his full name.

Cheeky Brits. Babyshambles management said that they are looking forward “to a long, fruitful, and creative relationship with Parlophone.” That’s “relationship” code for “thank god we have a long term deal with some fruitful-bountied wankers that will have creative means of bailing Pete out of jail next time he’s locked up.” Welcome to Parlophone, Peter!