Tribute To Joni

Joni Mitchell’s on her way into the Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame! Not surprising, naturally (if it were up to us, she’d even be in the Halls of Canton and Albany), but it gives us a reason to talk about Ms. Mitchell, and to point you to a very cool website that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has launched in honor of her induction. They’ve dubbed it the “All Sides Now” page, and it features interviews, performances, and other TV and radio footage of Joni from as far back as 1967. That’s the year this clip of “Song To A Daydreamer” (or “Blue On Blue”) is from, great both for its glimpse at a pre-fame icon and for its contrast to the full-fledged Joni of just a year later on this footage of “Both Sides Now.” Be sure to check her interviews, full of fun stories that are undoubtedly true ’cause Joni Mitchell never lied.

And then there’s the forthcoming Joni tribute album, with a you-gotta-be-kidding me lineup, including Sufjan on “Free Man In Paris,” Bjork on “Boho Dance,” and more from Brad Mehldau, Prince, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, and others. A Tribute To Joni Mitchell tracklist after the jump.

01 “Free Man in Paris” – Sufjan Stevens
02 “Boho Dance” – Bjork
03 “Dreamland” – Caetano Veloso
04 “Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow” – Brad Mehldau
05 “For the Roses” – Cassandra Wilson
06 “A Case of U” – Prince
07 “Blue” – Sarah McLachlan
08 “Ladies of the Canyon” – Annie Lennox
09 “Magdalena Laundries” – Emmylou Harris
10 “Edith and the Kingpin” – Elvis Costello
11 “Help Me” – k.d. lang
12 “River” – James Taylor

A Tribute To Joni Mitchell is out this Spring on Nonesuch.