The Good, The Bad & The Queen Are Not A “Band”

If you’ve heard Damon Albarn do a radio interview, you know his M.O.: be as contrary as possible, demean every question, throw the interviewer off her game. And ya know what? He’s fookin’ great at it. This time Damon and Paul Simonon chat with Minnesota Public Radio’s Steve Seel, who tries his best to chat about The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Only, it’s not called The Good, The Bad & The Queen. In fact, it’s not even a band! A sample exchange:

Steve Seel: Joining us via satellite from London, two members of the much ballyhooed new band The Good, The Bad & The Queen — none other than Damon Albarn and Paul Simonon. Gentlemen, welcome to The Current.

Damon Albarn: Welcome, welcome. But before we go any further, we’re not called The Good The Bad And The queen. That’s the name fo the album. We haven’t got a name.

Steve Seel: So the band has no name. Really?

Damon and Paul: No.

Steve Seel: [laughs] I thought you were pulling one over on me. Okay … the no-name band that is the musical project known as …

Damon Albarn: But it’s not a band, it’s more like an orchestra.

Steve Seel:: Well I suppose it is now, isn’t it? Is that Damon saying that?

Damon Albarn: That is.

Steve Seel: Okay Damon, explain to me …

Damon Albarn:Well, a band is like four or five or three people. But I mean, we’re already, we’re not at full strength, but we’re already playing with like another five strings, and somebody plays the organ, and the moogs and the celeste, and the electric piano, and I play the acoustic piano… so ya know we’re up to 11 already, so that’s more like an orchestra, really. And it can only get bigger. Ya know, really. To call it a band is not quite… I mean we are, but that’s the way people perceive things …

See, you gotta break free of your perceptions. Damon later corrects the DJ by letting him know that Gorillaz is not a “project,” they “are a band, they are very much of a band!” It isn’t long before Steve concedes, “See now you’ve thrown me all off, you’ve done your job of throwing me off.” Not as contentious as it sounds, but poor Steve! MPR can’t pay enough for that. Listen to it here. (Thanks, Sarah!)