Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 1/25/07

The Clap’s 1AM show at Mercury was officially the worst kept “secret” in NYC yesterday (err, today?). A long line of ticket holders and list dwellers froze while the door was sorted, and we (like good little concert whores) stayed up well past blog bedtime for another chance at hearing the new with two hundred of our newfound best friends. Consensus: Better than NYE, not as good as last year’s Bowery show — but still the best ten dollars to be spent in NYC last night. Here are some pics, courtesy of Abbey (and black & white for maximum Mercury Lounge effect).

More pics and setlist after the jump.

01. “Gimme Some Salt”
02. “Some Loud Thunder”
03. “Emily Jean Stock”
04. “Satan Said Dance”
05. “Over And Over Again (Lost And Found)”
06. “Mama, Won’t You Keep Them Castles In The Air And Burning?”
07. “Goodbye To Mother And The Cove”
08. “Upon This Tidal Wave Of New Blood”

09. “Clap Your Hands!”
10. ???
11. “Heavy Metal”