Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn” (Live At Pitchfork Fest 2010)

You’ve already prematurely evaluated “Tomboy” b/w “Slow Motion,” the first in a series of singles on various labels leading up to Noah Lennox’s highly anticipated fourth solo LP. Seven inch rips have been circulating the hype machine to high acclaim, and contrary to what we first heard, the songs will be available digitally on iTunes tomorrow, before many of Amazon’s vinyl deliveries. So, on to the next: later this summer Domino will release “You Can Count On Me” (not a Greg Evigan cover for some reason) as the second single with b-side “Alsatian Darn.” The latter is one of the new tunes we heard at Primavera last month before we knew its title (H/T GvsB). Noah played the King Tubby-sampling tune at Pitchfork Fest Saturday night (his birthday) to a tough crowd. Here’s ex-Chicago Sun-Times critic Jim DeRogatis’ take(down):

Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, a.k.a. Noah Lennox, played a way-too-long set of drony trance grooves punctuated by atonal yelps, yodels, and the occasional wounded whale noise. If this sort of thing had been delivered by a third-tier Grateful Dead offshoot band on one of the smaller stages at Bonnaroo, the Pitchfork crowd would have scoffed in derision. But since it was Pitchfork-endorsed, most stood politely and soaked it in, though there was a steady stream of refugees fleeing for the other stages, the food lines, or the Porta-Potties.

Without the aid of mind-altering substances, Panda Bear’s performance was an indulgent, unlistenable mess. With them, it may well have prompted the sort of bad trip that would lead someone to believe that they could fly off the steeple of First Baptist Congregational Church across Ashland Avenue from Union Park.

This webcast-ripped audio of “Alsatian Darn” doesn’t sound unlistenable to me, but then again I’m in an air conditioned apartment right now.

Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn” (Pitchfork Fest 2010)

And here’s fan video of “Surfer’s Hymn”/”Ponytail”:

Tomboy is out in September on Paw Tracks. Check out photos from Saturday’s performance in our gallery. Amrit and Jessica’s Sunday recap is coming soon unless they see Inception again.