Review The View

The latest buzzy sensations from the UK are The View, and we’ll be the first to admit that we’re plenty late with ‘em (we’ve had just about enough of the bratty, post-Libertines ska-punk-rock-what-have-you). Listened a bit awhile back, didn’t think enough of it to get on board. Missed their NYC debuts (consensus: they’re young!), but NYT was there, writing:

As more than a few Internet-accessing fans have already discovered, the album is scruffy and quite likable … Part of the View’s appeal is songs that sound familiar and exotic at the same time … Like the Arctic Monkeys, the View is a young, scrappy band enjoying swift success, but that’s where the comparison ends. The band played twice at Mercury Lounge, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and neither show was as likable as the album.

Don’t know about the comparison ending right there; listen to “Superstar Tradesman,” one of the album’s better tracks; not too tough to imagine the A’Monks turning out that tune, with a little more spike and a lot more Turner tongue-in-cheek. And, anybody know if Arctic Monkeys are banned from the Travelodge chain of hotels? ‘Cause that would be another thing in common. Anyway, if you aren’t one of those “internet-accessing fans” and still haven’t heard Hats Off To The Buskers, stream it at MySpace (“Face For The Radio” and “Wasted Little DJ’s” if you’re time-pressed). Tell us whatcha think.