Gilmore Girls Indie Talk Overload

Sometimes we have Gilmore Girls nights. Especially when we’re asked (forced) to. And though Gilmore always throws in indie references, this exchange seemed a little over the top (starting with pregnant Lane’s Eddie Argos love). Watch it here, sorta halfway through.

Lane: I spun the record for like a week straight cause who wouldn’t wanna listen to Art Brut for a week straight? Oh pass me your lyrics. As far as I’m concerned “Formed A Band” can be the new National Anthem. I swear I could literally stand and cover my heart if asked …

Dude 1: So what kind of stuff you been working on?
Dude 2: Mostly I’ve just been messing around. I wrote one song that’s kind of White Stripes’ “Little Ghost” meets The Decemberists meets Gulag Orkestrar meets like “Losing My Religion” meets Jethro Burns on that Steve Goodman album meets “Battle Of Evermore” meets The Smiths meets … some other stuff
Dude 1: That’s a lot of meetings.
Dude 2: Exactly.

BEIRUT ON THE CW! Aunt Linda gives that an “Oh Gaaaaah.” And Lane, Art Brut is not good pregnant music! Plus, if you’re trying to stay current, Art Brut is a double “no.” What current indie bands make for good pregnant listening? We say Eluvium’s Copia (sooo relaxing) or Panda Bear’s awesometastic Person Pitch (’cause it’s so Brian Wilson, and we really wanna say Pet Sounds).