Last Call With Carson Daly Gives Us Little Joy

Read that any way you wish and you will be bingo. Fab Moretti’s side project made their network debut on the NBC-funded public service to insomniacs that is Carson Daly last night. “No One’s Better Sake” is a great song, a summery Strokes-on-the-beach jam, and the Fab crew made great work of it here. Moretti is little more than a figurehead standing at the mic with his acoustic (I can’t really hear his voice), but still he gets screengrab honors because the only way you’re allowed to sound so Strokesy is if you have a Stroke in your band. Lesson learned, Stroke wannabes.

Little Joy – “No One’s Better Sake” (MP3)

Little Joy is out via Rough Trade. And speaking of day jobs … Strokes album in ’09? Maybe?

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