The Hold Steady Bring Jools Holland “Stay Positive,” “Sequestered In Memphis”

The Hold Steady are a band you loved commenting about in 2008, even though Stay Positive didn’t place as high in those year-end lists as past HS offerings. Regardless, Craig Finn & Co. donned tuxedos and helped Jools Holland ring in 2009 as part of his New Years Eve Hootenanny with a couple Positive anthems. This version of the title track’s more interesting than the stylized video treatment (not hard). Finn sounds a bit hoarse, which adds some urgency.

“Stay Positive”

“Sequestered In Memphis”

Fitting Father Time would be rocking out to a nostalgic track like “Stay Positive.” As far as song selection, strange these guys don’t seem to realize “Constructive Summer”‘s the best thing on that album.