Jeff Tweedy Covers Radiohead

Yesterday we got a rare glimpse of Phil Selway singer-songwritering at one of the 7 Worlds Collide shows in Auckland this week. As mentioned, the series yielded something just as rare and even more bloggable in Jeff Tweedy’s take on “Fake Plastic Trees.” And here it is. The world-collision quota is nearly fulfilled by this performance alone: Jeff on vocals, RadioEd and Phil on their respective instruments, Johnny Marr on his. (The footage is sorta crappy, but you can also make out BTW Liam Finn playing the role of Jonny, which would make sense ’cause this whole party series is papa Neil’s baby.) As you’d expect from a makeshift band comprising 40% of Radiohead and 100% of awesome, it’s a very faithful and dynamic cover, all big guitars and perfect sound swell for “She looks like the real thing…” Also not surprising but great to hear — Jeff gives good Thom.

The performance is in conjunction with the reprise of Neil Finn’s 2001 all-star live album 7 Worlds Collide, all the musicians were in New Zealand to record the followup. Jeff’s a new addition to the team. Good one, too. Expect the 7 Worlds Collide Part Deux this year. More details here.

BONUS: Some “Bodysnatchers” from the show with the same lineup sans Tweedy.