Menomena’s Musical Heroes

Still not sick of Friend And Foe? Same here! If there’s one complaint we hear, it’s that the band wears its influences on its sleeve (doesn’t bother us). So after poring over the album, it makes sense that Brent and Danny are obsessed with … PJ Harvey? From an interview with Daily Guardian (via LHB):

Daily Guardian: Who are your favorite musicians?

Brent Knopf: Probably PJ Harvey. I like To Bring You My Love and Is this Desire? When I listen to her, I mostly respect her guitar playing.

Danny Seim: Brent and I were in a cover band called The Gay Lon Mabons. It was an all-PJ Harvey cover band. We played one show, at the Meow Meow, opening for a Tooth & Nail band ? I love PJ Harvey as well.

Daily Guardian: Who are your favorite drummers?

Danny Seim: I know that I like Led Zeppelin a lot, but I don’t think John Bonham would have been as amazing without John Paul Jones ? I kind of dedicated my life to The Flaming Lips drummer, Steven Drozd, right around the time Menomena started. I still am impressed with them. It’s waned a bit, but I’m impressed by his ability to multi-task.

So here’s your chance to get the “sound-alike” thing off your chest. Let’s play spot the influence on the record. Name the song (or part), the band you hear, etc. We’ll getcha started with the Brockian (don’t you hate that word?) first minute of “The Pelican,” up until the crazy riff leading into the Portland Chapter of the Menomena Choir’s heavenly harmonies.

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