Ugly Betty Just Got Uglier

The ABC sitcom Ugly Betty’s had a great run so far: solid ratings, adorable Golden Globe acceptance speech by the not-at-all-ugly America Ferrera, gratuitous Salma Hayek cleavage cameos (nsfw). Got it all. And just when we were getting ready to finally give it a shot, they had to involve VH1 poster boy Jason Mraz in their “Be Ugly ’07” campaign. But why! We were thisclose to getting on board. The song’s called “The Beauty In Ugly” (hear it here), and its chock-full of expectedly uplifting Mraz-isms. A sample:

Well she’s so big hearted, but not so remarkable
Just an ordinary humble girl, expecting nothing
As we’re made to think it’s a pretty person’s world

But you are beautiful and you better go show it so go look again
You gotta be true to your own if you really wanna go to the top
Do you really wanna win?
Don’t believe in living normal
Just to satisfy demand

Get real
And see the beauty in ugly


Now if that doesn’t make you make you wanna watch, you’re clearly living normal just to satisfy demand. Is writing off a show for an ill-conceived promo song so wrong? Probably. Should we watch? How often does Salma flash people in elevators?