Re(h)a(bi)lity Television

The Mirror reports that the creators of Big Brother are raising the bar for good taste by developing a TV show about the true story of what happens when smack addicts stop shooting up … and start being real. It’s a Rockstar Rehab Reality Show! Sounds to us like Shooting Sizemore meets The Real World, though “an insider” said “it’s gonna be like Spinal Tap meets The Priory.” ‘Cause Pete Doherty’s struggle with heroin and coke abuse is satirically delicious, ala “Big Bottom”! Oh and yes, Pete’s been approached about doing the show, as has crack-buddy Donny Tourette (last seen flipping out on Big Brother). Record deal, rehab reality TV, and it’s just January; stay tuned for more in Pete Doherty’s best year ever.