Edwyn Collins – “Losing Sleep”

When I talked to the Cribs for a Progress Report, I mentioned that legendary Scottish songwriter Edwyn Collins had produced their second record. The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman had also said he was writing a couple of songs with Collins, for what would be Collins’s first album of material written since his life-threatening brain hemorrhages in 2005 (2007’s Home Again was nearly all written before). Now two songs they wrote together, along with songs Collins did with Johnny Marr, the Drums, Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kaprano, and Magic Numbers’ Romeo Stodart, will all be on Collins’s new album, titled Losing Sleep.

Here’s the title track:

Edwyn Collins – “Losing Sleep”

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Losing Sleep is out 9/13 via Heavenly. Here’s the track list, with the star-studded co-writing credits:

01 “Losing Sleep”
02 “What Is My Role?” (ft. The Cribs’ Ryan Jarman)
03 “Do It Again” (ft. Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos & Nick McCarthy)
04 “Humble”
05 “Bored”
06 “In Your Eyes” (ft. the Drums)
07 “I Still Believe In You” (ft. Ryan Jarman)
08 “Come Tomorrow, Come Today” (ft. Johnny Marr)
09 “It Dawns On Me” (ft. The Magic Numbers’ Romeo Stodart)
10 “Over the Hill”
11 “All My Days” (ft. Aztec Camera’s Roddy Frame)
12 “Searching for the Truth”