Beck – “Summertime” (Scott Pilgrim OST Bonus Track)

Good timing on this one, as ComiCon is this week (Gabe is going!), and just yesterday Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the sixth and final volume of the indie rock manga graphic novel you’re most likely to have read, was released. And as you might remember from the day the internet first freaked over the trailer for the series’ Michael Cera-powered film adaptation, Beck’s contributing some original tunes to the film as the sound behind Sex-Bob-Omb, the band for which Scott Pilgrim is bassist. Two of those songs made the coming attraction, most of the remainder will appear in the film, and then there’s “Summertime,” one of the bonus-Bob-Omb tracks you won’t hear in the theater, but will be on the Official Soundtrack’s bonus edition. Here’s the latest slice of Beck-Bob-Omb:

(via We All Want Someone)

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