Vivian Girls Air Their LaundroMatinee

Yes, Blooming Onion-Gate ended up being one of our most discussed posts in 2008, but before that mess, we were busy debuting their songs and trying to tell the world (sorry) that with their update on classic C86 (plus early Slumberland) and Spectored three-part harmonies, Vivian Girls were a band worth checking out. Of course, they still are — their debut is a good one. All that said, the trio stopped by the Laundromatinee’s “VIBES II performance space” and performed four songs, two previously heard (“Tell The World” and “Wild Eyes”) and two (at the time) new. Judging from the summer wear and a quick Google refresher, the recording took place in August and MP3s of the tracks have been floating around since then, but the video footage is just going live now, so let’s forget about the past.

“Surfing Away”

“I Have No Fun”

You can see the two album tracks at LaundroMatinee and the three gals in that Fucked Up video I posted an hour ago. They’re also playing with FU and Pissed Jeans at Market Hotel on 1/20. More dates at their MySpace.

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