New Franz Ferdinand Video – “Ulysses”

So what we have in the lead single to Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is the Kapranos crew tumbling one of their signature disco hooks through some Spoon, some dirty club synths, and a narcotic, half-time (and somewhat throwaway) bridge. The video picks up on all of it, and also the crime scene album cover, showing the guys in their signature suits but looking like they’ve been out too late on the town with an eight-ball. As evidence I’d cite the hollowed out eyes and the restless hotel room shots, but also the strip club, the midnight run through the desert, the manic cackling, and most definitely the late night trip to the laundromat. There’s only time when all of that’s a good idea, and that time is when you are a coke zombie.

(via Spinner)

They found a new way. Here’s a version of the song in the studio, and there’s also a live taste of “What She Came For” out there. Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is out 1/26 via Domino.