Explore New Vistas With Jefferson Starship

Bill Gates is out to reclaim the common man — the young , pictures-and-music computer user — with his revolutionary, new Vista operating system. And to convert the youth, they bring you Jefferson Starship. Via The Rock Radio:

Microsoft has hired Jefferson Starship to help launch their new Vista operating system. The Starship will play on the back of a special Microsoft flatbed truck in four cities in the coming weeks — Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 30th); San Francisco on February 7th; New Orleans on February 13th; and Austin, Texas, on March 14th.

All shows will be on the Microsoft/T-Mobile “Airship” Stage, and according to a message from the band’s manager on the official Jefferson Starship website, “They are providing a revolutionary, dynamic portable stage that opens like a lotus from a flatbed. The truck itself is decorated with our name and the dates and can be seen cruising around the streets of the cities we are to perform in, several days in advance of the concerts.” There’s also a website for the Starship/Microsoft/T-Mobile project at skysurprise.com.

Can’t you just see the board meeting? “Mr. Gates, you want the kids? I’ll get you the kids, in three moves: Jefferson Starship – The Next Generation, singing “We Built This City,” on a Microsoft flatbed truck.” Bill, fire that guy.