Name That Tune

Ever waste precious corporate hours trying to name a song stuck in your head? Those of you with private offices, here’s an online solution (cubicles, you’ll have to wait ’til you get home — unless your office is cool with karaoke). Head to Midomi (via Whitney), plug in a mic, and hum, whistle, or sing away. The site will process your tone deaf stabs at melody and offer a playable list of commercial tracks and user-generated samples of songs that match your tune. We tried “Hey Jude” (in under a minute) and our efforts at “na na naahing” were validated by the software’s impressive ear (as was “Superstitious”; that’s right, we can swing Stevie). With only two million tracks licensed for use so far, you can’t expect much luck with indie tunes; so our attempt at Arcade Fire’s “Crown Of Love” obviously yielded false positives. But #1 on that list?

That site may have artificial intelligence, but it’s got a real sense of humor.