The BBC Names 2009’s Most Likely Breakout Acts

It’s an annual thing, this BBC list. Last year they bestowed the top three slots upon Adele, Duffy, and the Ting Tings. So, music supervisors for Apple commercials and Saturday Night Live, here’s another list to pick over. This year’s spread numbers 15 — five honorable mentions with the top 10 ranked — based on a poll of 134 UK music pundits including magazine editors, newspaper critics, DJs, radio/TV program directors, bloggers, and cetera. Some you’ve heard before (Passion Pit, Little Boots, Empire Of The Sun), some you’ve yet to hear, and some you’ll wish you never did. Here’s the list with listen links affixed for your clicks:

And your BBC Sound Of 2009 Top 10:

10 Dan Black
09 Passion Pit
08 Kid Cudi
07 VV Brown
06 Lady GaGa
05 La Roux
04 Empire Of The Sun
03 Florence And The Machine
02 White Lies
01 Little Boots

The UK’s going double down on electropop in ’09. More on the artists at BBC. As of now, only two from the list — White Lies and the Temper Trap — are confirmed for SXSW ’09. But there’s a million more waves of announcements to go so don’t worry friends. There will be BBQ and BBC-hyped bands aplenty. I cannot believe that shit is in like eight weeks.