Peter Bjorn & John @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 1/29/07

Sorry about the gremlins that attacked the site today, guys. As frustrating as those error messages are, it’s more frustrating on this side of the computer screen — trust us. Anyone looking for a tech job?

The afternoon of anxiety did give us some time to reflect on last night, though. After Gerald’s report on PB&J’s secret show in Brooklyn on Sunday, we figured we didn’t need to post about ‘em again. But we were oh so wrong! After getting to see the Swedes with our own eyes, we just wanted to add to the chorus of emphatic declarations of love for Peter Bjorn & John. Totally blown away. Fluxblog was on hand and typically nailed the live appeal:

There’s nothing particularly flashy about Peter, Bjorn, and John’s live show, but they perform with such effortless charm and grace that their good songs become great, and the great songs become magical, especially the sweetly romantic “Paris 2004″ and the hit “Young Folks,” which they performed with an additional percussion player and the Concretes’ Victoria Bergman.

We’ll add that Peter is a stage-consuming showman and a helluva whistler. Haven’t been in a crowd so adoring in a long while. Drew Barrymore was there too, but probably thought better of pitching her tunes to the trio after the pop masters’ consummate display. Worth the ticket, worth the hype. Next time we’ll bring a camera.