It’s OK To Like… Sting Solo

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Sting solo: Five reasons to love the noun, the verb, and the man:

1. Dream Of The Blue Turtles
Too much of Sting?s solo debut was a pretentious jazz-tastrophe, but not even the combination of his overwrought lyrics and Branford Marsalis? meandering sax could wreck “Fortress Around Your Heart,” or lessen the delight we feel when Sting rhymes ?little boy? with ?Oppenheimer?s deadly toy? (in Russians, one of the top-three Cold War songs of all time).

2. His Friend Raoni
Sting was loving the environment back when most of you were in short pants, so the next time you get up on your Al Gore-lovin?, clean burning, hybrid high horse, remember that Gordon got there first, and he brought this guy with him.

3. The Seven-Hour Tantric Orgasm Thing
Sometimes we wish he weren?t such a dick about it, but hey ? that?s just Sting being Sting.

4. His Mastery Of Thespianism
You know all about the terrible, and the execrable, so we?ll focus on the not-so-bad, including his turn as Billy Idol on the Sinatra Group (SNL, 1990), where Phil Hartman (as Sinatra) gets him with one of our all-time favorite one-liners ?You don?t scare me! I?ve got chunks of guys like you in my stool!? We also liked him as the crusty bar owner who sells out his son in Guy Ritchie?s pre-?I?m Guy Ritchie? classic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

5.He Finally Patched Things Up With Stewart Copeland
Let?s be clear: in no way does the upcoming Police reunion tour make up for Desert Rose, but at least it?s a start.

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