New Franz Ferdinand – “Hallem Foe, Dandelion Blow”

Busy day in Camp Ferdinand. Last night in NYC (where he’s busy producing the new Cribs record), Alex launched Sound Bites, a collection of food journal entries he kept while on touring the world with Franz. And just this morning, he took to the band’s MySpace to premiere the new Franz tune “Hallem Foe, Dandelion Blow,” written for the Scottish film Hallem Foe. He writes:

Sexual tension, voyeurism, dark humour, Scotland and death are themes of the film – all of which seem good ingredients for a song by the Ferdinand. Nick and I read the script and went to screenings of early edits in the Glasgow Film Theatre which gave us the ideas for the melody and lyrics. Other Domino artists appear on the soundtrack including Psapp, Unpoc and Sons & Daughters.

Franz are reconvening in the UK to write songs for LP number three, for which Alex promised a “whole new sound.” Maybe the dreary “Hallem Foe” is a hint? Let’s hope not. Listen to it here. Do it now and win a cut-out Ferdinand.