Carmel The Car Lady Gets A Makeover

First this, now New York’s beloved Carmel Car Lady.

Via NY Times: “The Carmel ‘Thumbs Up’ Lady is, of course, the model on the bright yellow coupons for Carmel Car and Limousine Service, a Valpak staple across the city for over a decade. No bland pitchwoman she, the Carmel Lady was memorable for the frenzied energy with which she plied her trade. The untamed blond coiffure, the slightly manic expression, that exuberant thumbs up – all conveyed a surpassing enthusiasm underscored by the slogan ‘We’ll be there for you!’ emblazoned over her image. Between the headset (crucial for a busy dispatcher like herself) and the multiple computer monitors behind her (off, but presumably ready to hum into service), you knew she meant business, and that jaunty thumbs up told you that she loved every second of it. When you needed a trip to the airport, she’d be there for you. In January, a new ‘Thumbs Up” Lady arrived, a raven-haired interloper with manicured eyebrows, confident gaze and blouse opened to reveal the faintest curve of breast. For coupon aficionados across the city, the change was not unnoticed.”

Shall we start a petition to bring back the original Carmel lady? Also, I think we should give them both names.