New Fever Ray – “If I Had A Heart” (Fuck Buttons Remix) (Stereogum Premiere)

It’d be interesting to see how Andreas Nilsson would shift his eerie “If I Had A Heart” video to match onetime BTW Fuck Button’s bouncier remix. Instead of Knife Karin Dreijer’s dark, pulsing, ambient single we get one of those catchy, crystalline FU build-ups that uses the original as its starting point then weaves it through the fuzz like a ghostly sigh until its unexpected cut. This 8-minute version shows up physically next month as part of the “If I Had A Heart” 7″, but because you’re here, you can hear it today. We also have the Karin-and-mirror-sunglasses-continuing Fever Ray album art.

Fever Ray will look like this:

The “If I Had A Heart” 7″ is out 2/10 via Mute. The self-titled album is out 3/24, also via Mute, though you can get it as a digital download tomorrow (1/13).