Loney Dear Goes Busking At Arnold Circus Bandstand

When of Montreal pulled out the lawn furniture for Bandstand Busking, they were basically left to their own devices. In Loney Dear’s case, the Swede and his cohorts are joined by a group of youngsters, clearly drawn to that folksy sound. Anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time with kids that age should be able to pickup on the fact that they’re sorta making fun of the band with their “you rock”‘s and jokey dancing during “I Was Only Going Out,” but that’s OK: It’s high time someone struck back against all of these Take-Away-style programs. The guys perform three songs from the forthcoming Dear John, so they are providing a service for fans.

“Harsh Words”


“I Was Only Going Out”

You can see other buskers at Bandstand Busking. Dear John, available for pre-order, is out 1/27 via Polyvinyl.

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