Radiohead Soundtrack National Coalition For The Homeless PSA

And before you dust off your Selling Out Isn’t Possible handbooks and arguments, please note that the band’s very first foray into the land of commercial appeal is in support of The National Coalition For The Homeless, not in support of the profit motive. (UPDATE: First only if you don’t count the NBA spot, which I totally forgot about. Whoops I’m fired.) The ad’s titled “It Can Happen To Anyone,” and it shows a Gossip Girl-type reduced to freegan sandwiches and boxes for shelter while the atmospheric strains of “MK 1” soundtrack her new-economy urban plight. Homelessness: It can happen to Hey, Upper East Siders, too (xoxo). You should get the concept pretty quickly, but in case this latest videotape from Radiohead is too confusing, consult this post for a hint.

No strangers to do goodery, of course, but it’s worth mentioning that Radiohead went all socially causal for “All I Need,” too. What cause will they champion next? I vote “Weird Fishes” in support of raising awareness for dangerously high mercury levels in tuna and Jeremy Pivens around the world.

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