WU LYF – “I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teeth Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God” Video

World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation changed their acronym — WU LYF — to stand for What Up/Loving Young Females since we made them a Band To Watch, so we are definitely going to refer to them WU LYF from now on. There’s no pronounceable acronym for their latest track, “I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teef Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God,” which made it onto the band’s website a few days ago. The song uses their “heavy pop” technique — stilted, fractured guitar topped with fervent, tortured vocals. The band uses lots of collages and found video with third world people/imagery on their website. This video acts out their fantasy, with a group of young, beautiful natives beating (without beating) back a group of would-be colonialists. The native people bleed different colors, like that scene in Holy Mountain, the film that inspires half of all new music videos.

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