New TV On The Radio Video – “Province”

The black-and-white clip for “Province” initially appears to be an homage to the military, with a motionless, uniformed woman and scene-setting props and images rising and falling in the background. Though we’re thinking that, with the massive blinking hearts that pop-up every time they mention the L-word, this lady’s a metaphorical soldier (of “love,” perhaps?).

That’s pretty deep shit. We’re going deeper. When Tunde and Kyp pop up, dressed in starch-white shirts and reviving the bullet-wounded woman, they’re the angels that the celestial guitars hint at. It would all be waaay too pretentious if it weren’t for the ever-dignified presence of Malone and Adebimpe, who pull off their angelic roles with afro-infused benevolence. Damn this is some good fucking weed.

Watch it at MTV Overdrive.