Bear In Heaven, Twin Sister, Beach Fossils @ The Echo, Los Angeles 7/27/10

Bear In Heaven headlined L.A.’s the Echo, with Twin Sister and Beach Fossils opening. Photographer Andrew Youssef was there to document, and he was impressed. Beach Fossils (with Cloud Nothings’s TJ Duke on guitar) could easily fit in with L.A.’s Abe Vigoda, Best Coast, etc. (they’ve got the right name, too), and Twin Sister played a set that reminded him of a more crystallized Beach House. A female audience member asked Bear In Heaven frontman John Philpot for a mustache ride, which is impressive in a very different way. “This may be one of those shows you brag to all your friends that you saw all three of these bands for $10 back in the day,” Youssef notes. The show was sold out, so it’s probably okay to start bragging now.