New I.U.D. – “Daddy” (Stereogum Premiere)

I.U.D. is Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and art school chum Sadie Laska (who’s worked with Growing and Extreme Violence [not the Greek death metal dudes]). The duo’s full-length debut The Proper Sex, which comes out in a couple of months, is preceded by a 7″ featuring the opening track, “Daddy,” a mix of dub, deep clattering percussion, loops, and Bougatsos’ unmistakable vocalizations. For those weened on “House Jam,” this’ll be more reminiscent of GGD’s pre-Saint Dymphna material, but it goes elsewhere: “Glo Balls,” which follows “Daddy,” is a racket of strangulated crust-tribalism; closer “Girls Just Wanna (Time To Have Sex)” features guest guitars via seminal Guy Picciotto-led D.C. hardcore crew Rites of Spring’s Michael Fellowes. The label’s mention of Einstürzende Neubauten, Front 242, and Meat Beat Manifesto doesn’t sound too far off in what we’ve heard: Ricocheting porn samples, punk howls and chants, crashing group drums. Wrap it all in Sparks-nodding album art and you’ve got yourself a pretty excellent offering. Listen to “Daddy.”

I.U.D. – “Daddy” (MP3)

On the album, “Daddy”‘s the opener. On the 7″ that shows up sometime at the beginning of February, it’s backed by a remix from Aaron Warren of Black Dice. The Proper Sex in full:

01 “Daddy”
02 “Glo Balls”
03 “Monk Hummer”
04 “911”
05 “Mary Unmargaret”
06 “Girls Just Wanna (Time To Have Sex)”

The Proper Sex is out digitally and on vinyl 3/24 via The Social Registry. It’ll look like this:

[Photos by Jason Rodgers]