New ¡Forward, Russia! – “Eighteen (Rollercoaster Project Remix)”

A warning before you move on: If you find Tom Woodhead’s yelping histrionics otherwise insufferable, best just to move along. We happen to love them, though, and on Rollercoaster’s remix of the thrashing “Eighteen,” it’s nothing but staggered, a cappella Woodheads, making the otherwise artsy Leeds post-punkers even more of an acquired taste. But for fans, it’s a creative pastiche of the songs elements — heartbeat guitar stabs, “Welcome To The Machine” synth beams, — leading to a cacophonous late-song climax, rather than the intermittent post-punk detonations of the original. And they had the good sense to keep the glockenspiel.

¡Forward, Russia! – “Eighteen (Rollercoaster Project Remix” (Real | WMA)

The track comes from the “Eighteen” single, which also has remixes by Yes Boss and, in the name of punctuation, :( (that’s Colon Open Bracket).

“Eighteen” is out 2/6 on Mute.