New Lily Allen Video – “Alfie” (And SNL Behind The Scenes)

Lily Allen’s music reminds us of last summer, so braving the cold to 30 Rock was a no brainer. YES, we just returned from the dress rehearsal for Saturday Night Live, which should be around 50% funny once they cut some slack for live. You’ll enjoy The Dakota Fanning Show (with Drew Barrymore as Abigail Breslin), an ’80s-tastic Digital Short, and a cameo from Horatio Sanz as Elton John in a painfully laugh-free Versace Super Bowl Party sketch. We’re curious what’ll get the axe (fill ya in later!).

Lily did “Smile” and “LDN,” and man we are just not sick of this girl yet. Plus, it’s fun to watch her brass boys recreate that Supersonics lick live. In fact, we’ll be at Webster in one week for her show.

We imagine Drew and Lily getting trashed at the afterparty tonight, dissing boys and complimenting each other’s trainers. Also worth noting: Drew wore a Peter Bjorn And John T-Shirt during the end credits.

Finally, here’s the vid for “Alfie” (thanks Samuel) in which Lil’s lil’ bro is played by a creepy puppet.

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UPDATE: “Smile,” “LDN”.

The most interesting difference about dress rehearsal and live: in dress, the American Idol sketch had Jason Sudeikis playing Ryan Seacrest and Bill Hader as Simon Cowell. For the live show Seth Meyers did Seacrest, and Sudeikis did Cowell. Fascinating!

Also, Drew wore a different wig in the Target sketch … which didn’t make it funnier. But she seemed nice like a nice gal.