New Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “You Can’t Hurt Me Now” (Live) & Beware Album Art

A couple weeks ago Kelefa Sanneh wrote an interesting (if overly mystifying) piece on Will Oldham in The New Yorker. In it, Sanneh notes that Oldham refers to Lie Down In The Light as “the little record” and that:

In March, he plans to release “the big record,” a deeply satisfying album called Beware, which conjures a mood of resolution, maybe even finality … He intends to promote the album with singles, a photo shoot, and a handful of interviews, if only to prove that record promotion doesn’t really work, at least not for him.

In one such promotional turn he appeared on WNYC’s Soundcheck for an interview and a performance of Beware’s second track “You Can’t Hurt Me Now.” You’ll have to deal with John Schaeffer to get to the goods, but the unadorned Oldham’s worth the wait. It’s also fun hearing Will playing the smart-ass in the interview (re: Nashville, etc.) and going into his thoughts on acting and music, among other things. So stay tuned:

(Via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends)

That was live. It appears in studio form on Beware:

01 “Beware Your Only Friend”
02 “You Can’t Hurt Me Now”
03 “My Life’s Work”
04 “Death Final”
05 “Heart’s Arms”
06 “You Don’t Love Me”
07 “You Are Lost”
08 “I Won’t Ask Again”
09 “I Don’t Belong To Anyone”
10 “There is Something I Have To Say”
11 “I Am Goodbye”
12 “Without Work, You Have Nothing”
13 “Afraid Ain’t Me”

Here’s the album art:

Beware is out 3/17 via Drag City.

[Photo by Jesse Fischler]