Deeper Into Kirstengate

We’ve heard a lot about the Vampire Weekend cover controversy from the band and photographer’s lawyers, as well as the lawyer representing Ann Kirsten Kennis. But an article in the Fairfield Citizen, published this morning, tells us a little more about the model (who lives in Fairfield, CT), and why the model release form she signed may be forged. For starters, the release has her name spelled two different ways (Johnson/Johnsen). This is a release signed in 2009, not 1983, when photographer Tod Brody says he took the photo, so it seems like they would have been a little more careful, right? And the release states that:

In consideration of the payment by us to you of the sum of one U.S. dollar, you irrevocably and unconditionally give to us all consents required pursuant to the laws of any country of the world to … make and otherwise produce the photograph taken of you and which is to be utilized on the cover of the forthcoming studio album by the recording artists professionally known as Vampire Weekend …”

Kennis says she’s never met the photographer, let alone signed a release. And it does seem strange that the release would also only pay her $1, and misspell her name, and not use her current last name.

Another interesting detail from the article is that Kennis recently underwent chemotherapy, so she no longer has the blond hair in the photograph. “I would say it’s a compliment, but it’s a little disturbing also,” she says.

Read the rest at Fairfield Citizen.