This little project Ramble John has going with IMEEM is a remixers delight. RJ’s offering up the isolated audio to The Third Hand standout “Sweet Piece” for fan reinterpretations — which in itself is nothing new. The D2 twist, though, is in the sample format — and that you haven’t even heard the original yet! Rather than full audio loops, which obviously inhibit creativity, RJ has deconstructed the samples into single notes and uploaded ‘em as .wav files. He says:

Somebody brought up the idea of doing one of these re-mix things for a song, where you have all the parts of a song and you can move them around or whatever. These are cool, but where I always thought they failed was in the fact that all the parts would be broken down just as loops. This makes it hard to really get away from the basic vibe of the original song, for a few reasons. So I was thinking about how this could be improved upon, and realized there was an opportunity here. So now, you get to mess with these, you can see how somebody else would do with the same batch. When the record comes out you can see how it got put together and where it came from. Who knows; maybe all these versions are gonna sound the same. Maybe not. I hope not. I hope there’s a crunk version, a house version, a premiered out version, whatever.

So, Lil Jon chalice in hand, grab the .wav files at IMEEM and whip up some PREmix action. You can upload your track there, but be sure to pass it along to us. We wanna hear your crunkJD2.

The Third Hand is out 3/6 on XL.

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