Class Actress Do Two Unreleased Tracks For Daytrotter

Mirroring a post title from earlier this week (via Real Estate), here’s one angled toward the sundown new wave electro-pop of ‘Gum Bowl teamer Elizabeth Harper and her Class Actress project, and a session filed for the Daytrotter crew: Herein you’ll find two from the still-lascivious Journal Of Ardency EP (the title track and “Careful What You Say,” mislabeled “Careful What You Ask For”), along with a pair slated for its full-length followup, due this year. They have names (“LMLMLUU2″ is mislabeled “Love Me,” and “All The Saints”), analog synths, lots of promise, and in the case of “Saints,” a Raymond Carver reference. This is what we talk about when we talk about downloading them at Daytrotter.