Built To Spill Love The ’80s

The Electronic Anthology Project is Built To Spill’s Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson, redoing their own songs with ’80s synths and drum machines. It doesn’t sound like something BTS would do, but, according to the project’s MySpace page, the seven-song EP will be on sale at upcoming Built To Spill shows, so it seems like it’s legit. Each re-interpretation is also re-titled with an anagram of the song’s original titles. But the guys list their names as “Dug Martsch & brett neLson.” Seems like they could have gone for anagrams as well, maybe Dutch Orgasm & Bolt Rennets?

Have a listen to “Eels” (“Else”):

(via Pop Candy and 24Bit)

Hear two more at MySpaceThe Electronic Anthology Project EP is out now via CDBaby. The tracklist:

01 “I Dim Our Angst In Agony” (“Goin’ Against Your Mind”)
02 “Age I Felt” (“Get A Life”)
03 “At The Where” (“The Weather”)
04 “Eels” (“Else”)
05 “What If Your Dull” (“I Would Hurt A Fly”)
06 “A Gloss Siren” (“Israel’s Song”)
07 “Far Path Tall Sign” (“Things Fall Apart”)